Costa Nativa Ecotours, Troncones, Mexico

Costa Nativa Ecotours in Troncones, Mexico offers in-depth tours of the area in and around Troncones.

Located in Troncones, Mexico, Costa Nativa Ecotours is a eco-tourism project developed by local Troncones resident and Oceanographer Alejandro Rodriguez Pruneda based on educating people about the natural and cultural richness at this region of Mexico and recognizing the native wisdom that has been accumulated through ages of interaction between nature and humans.

We could take you exploring the area through water by kayak or land by hiking or bicycling. Each perspective shows you multiple images full of diverse colors and textures that transmit you tranquility and wisdom.

Get off the beaten path with our expert guides! Let us lead you to hidden and unspoiled areas. Your senses will come alive as you explore the natural beauty and biodiversity of this region of Troncones, Mexico.

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Costa Nativa Ecotours, Troncones, Mexico